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Rethinking Senior Living Marketing and Sales during COVID-19

The pandemic brought senior living marketing and sales to a screeching halt. (We don’t have to tell you that, right?) So many communities had to close their doors to families, friends, and prospective residents. People in search of a senior living solution put all plans on hold as the country held its collective breath.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

There is a way forward. Marketing during a pandemic is possible.


Embracing New Strategies for Marketing Senior Living Facilities

Sales and marketing strategies for senior living need to remain fluid right now. We got you covered! Here are just some of the ways that we can help you market your senior living community during COVID-19 (or any other crisis that comes your way).

  • Lead generation

    Whether you need a new strategy for lead gen or a better way to close the leads in your pipeline, we’ve developed effective methods for our clients to do both, even during this pandemic.

  • Turnkey design, ready to go

    With our industry leading digital marketing strategies, we put your home in front of prospective residents and/or their families who would have otherwise never come across you. You get professionally designed marketing material (like custom branded content, social posts, website, postcards, email banners etc.) ready to go.

  • Social media marketing during a pandemic

    Create a strategy for using social media to communicate with prospects and their families and to reinforce the positive narrative you want to convey.

  • COVID-specific landing pages

    No doubt, you probably put up a page or two on your website about the pandemic. (And if you didn’t, we can help with that, too.) That section of your website needs to evolve, too. What you posted back in March 2020 won’t make sense for the winter of 2021.

  • Virtual events

    From creating virtual tours to helping your sales people make the most out of their virtual sales process, we’ve got tips and strategies that actually work.​

  • Turnkey content, ready to go

    We’ve created original content that we can personalize for your brand, including blogs, guides/e-books, infographics, posters, and flyers.

  • Technology resource

    We can also connect you with the best technology solutions to support prospect nurturing and resident engagement. We can help you set up your communication channels, such as Facebook Live, Zoom meetings, video chats, and online events with qualified speakers.

  • Your senior living marketing request here

    Maybe you need help, but you don’t know where to begin. No worries! We know how to punt and pivot. Whatever your senior living marketing and sales challenges are during COVID, we’re confident we can help.

Request a complimentary 30-minute brainstorm session!

Why We Are The Agency to Help Your Community Reframe, Revamp and Recover

At Seniors Housing Media Group we didn’t miss a beat due to the pandemic.

  • As a digital marketing agency, we’re already accustomed to (and set up for) the work-from-home environment that so many of our competitors were thrust into unexpectedly. We didn’t have to shut down for a week to set up systems. Everything already was, and always has been, in place.

  • Since we’re not defined by a physical location, we’re able to attract top talent from across the country who specialize in the senior living industry. Our people love working remotely because they can achieve a better work-life balance. For example, no more hellish commutes and no more corporate office politics.

  • Thanks to this set up, we don’t spend our client’s marketing investment on plush offices. In other words, our clients are not paying for fancy items like latte machines, air hockey tables, or an in-house gym.

  • We DO, however, take great care of our people so they take great care of our clients. The biggest way we do this is by simply trusting our team to get the job done right and giving them the freedom to do so.

  • Even during this pandemic, we haven’t laid off any employees, and we haven’t lost any clients. In fact, we’ve added many new clients looking for innovative solutions at a price that works for their budget. We thrive on developing effective marketing strategies for senior living.

Bottom line: We’re not going anywhere! We know how to quickly evolve and change-up the traditional ways—and we know how to help our clients adjust their own senior living marketing and sales strategies.​

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