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We'll sit down with you and identify any problems or issues you have in your marketing efforts and build a customized marketing plan to deliver the exact solution and results you require for each of your retirement home properties.

Core Services.


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Site tours are the lifeblood of the industry


Without them, you have no way of showcasing qualities that make your residence so
unique. During this uncertain period, we have been working on a unique solution to combat this ever growing problem. Showcase your residence and skyrocket your visitor engagement while maintaining current social distance.

These days, and for the foreseeable future, virtual tours will be the sole facilitator of
property visitation.


Currently, we are working with seniors housing communities to produce a short ‘INFOMERCIAL’ presentation to market all of the specialized features and qualities their residence has to offer to prospective residents.

Here is what is included in the program:

• Touring Reinvented: The sale starts with the click of a button and
before the physical tour.
• The Attention Magnet: Discover the newest strategy to reach
potential future residents and community online.
• 100% More site tours: When they can’t come to visit you, you bring
yourself to them.
• Professional camera crew to capture the heart and soul of your
residence in all it’s glory.
• Professional Voiceovers tell your story.
• Professional Actors are used to make their case
• Professional Script Creation to highlight their offering
• Professional Music soundtrack

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While other operators are
struggling to get their
bearings, the                  strategy
will help you rise above
and thrive by having the
ability to provide potential
residents with a professionally
produced Virtual Video Tour.

So, let’s create meaningful connections and leverage that into real long term residents!

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Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Strategy
Digital Advertising (PPC & Facebook Ads)
Social Media Management
Lead Generating Landing Pages
Blogging & Video Blogging

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Public Relations Management
Drive Narratives and tell your story

Counterbalance negative press
Write & Distribute Press Releases
Management Spread of Information
Create News


Web Design
Websites (Design & Build)
Landing pages
Content Management Systems
Email Campaigns And Reporting

Responsive Website

Additional Services.




Promotional Products






Presentation Folders

Direct Mail Distribution


Creative Consulting

Creative Design


Brand Management




Event Photography & Video
Portrait Photography
Property Photography & Video
Lifestyle Photography & Video

Commercial Photography & Video

Photo Retouching
Video Editing
Promotional Videos
Educational Videos
Corporate Videos
Motion Graphics Videos

Here's how we do it

In-Depth Customized Digital Marketing Content Plan
We’ll build a plan that will help you reach your goals

Dedicated Account Manager
We’re beside you every step of the way to assist you in reaching your targets and keeping on point.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
With a majority of consumers actively using most social media platforms, engaging with them is a must. Seniors Housing
Media Group assists your social media marketing campaigns from content creation to social media advertising and
everything in between. We help you connect to consumers with our professional social media marketing management
• Social Media Publishing
     - Posts and/or shares to grow and maintain the followers you have and keep your business top of mind
     - Weekly outreach and engagement to grow following
• Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
     - As the world’s largest advertising and marketing platform, Facebook/Instagram can be harnessed to build your business by directly targeting your market.
     - Paid advertising to broaden your reach and attract real leads and followers that add to your bottom line.
     - Posts and/or shares
     - Weekly #hashtag & industry research
     - Weekly outreach and engagement to grow following

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from Seniors Housing Media Group deliver results! We use industry leading
SEO mechanisms to help you and Google be best friends. We strive to place you on the first page of the search engine
results page and increase your amount of organic traffic coming to your website.
• On page SEO (search engine optimization)
     - We’ll get your web page found, read, and indexed by search engines to attract organic and/or free traffic which
includes natural link building by and integrating social media marketing to attract the attention of your target audience
• Blog Article Per Month
     - Full Keyword optimization relating to your business which help SEO and organic traffic and engages visitors to
your website.

PPC Management (Google Ads)
Organic traffic and paid traffic work hand-in-hand together. Utilizing paid mechanisms on search engines such as
Google, Bing etc. can help bring in a multitude of additional visitors to your website and can help you meet your goals.
Seniors Housing Media Group's team of marketing specialists can help take your search engine advertising to the next
• Advanced PPC Management (Google Ads)
- The biggest benefit of PPC ads is exposure, as it takes your business to your target audience using relevant keywords
- Google Ads at the top of the first page
- You only pay when a user clicks on your ad
- Yield high ROI and generate targeted traffic which leads to a higher degree of conversion and results tracking.

Email Marketing
Interacting with your customers is a must in today’s marketing landscape. We help you with efficient marketing
campaigns that enable you to reach a large audience, convert leads, and grow your business.
• Email Marketing
- Email marketing drives more ROI than any other online marketing strategy, we’ll deliver your message right to their
inbox to get results.

Web Design & Development
Your website is the face of your online presence. In the modern era you simply cannot afford to have an old, outdated
site. We design sites so that you can deliver an outstanding user experience, generate leads, and look professional.
• New Website
Your website may be outdated on an old or limited platform and might benefit from a redesign to ensure your message
is on point and your website is engaging. More importantly, the platform may be hurting your ability to be found by
potential customers. Increase visitor engagement, balance good looks with functionality, focus on lead generation and
conversion rate optimization.
• Landing page
Target message that relates to Ads and further engage visitors on their specific needs and allows for better tracking of
Ads effectiveness

Team of Digital Experts at hand for Ongoing Support

With many resources at your disposal, you can depend on us to grow your business. Everyone on the team has
complimenting skills that ensure you get the right solutions in place from day one.

Marketing Analytics and Tracking Reporting
Daily tracking equals monthly reporting so you know how things are progressing and can make informed decisions.

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